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EndNote: Share Library


Here's how to get more help with EndNote:


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Email your EndNote Library

  1. Open the EndNote Library you would like to e-mail.
  2. Go to File, Compressed Library (.enlx)
  3. Select Create. You can choose to send the library with or without file attachments. You can also choose to send All of the References in Library or just choose Selected References or All References in a Group.
  4. Choose Next and save your library. Your library will save as a .enlx file.
  5. You can now attach your .enlx file to an e-mail.

Video Instructions: 

Export Your Traveling Library

A Traveling Library refers to the citations in your Word document that were entered using EndNote. Each time you insert a reference using EndNote, EndNote pulls the corresponding reference from your open library. If the library is not available or not open, EndNote uses the “traveling library” for reference information. This allows you to collaborate with other authors on a paper without each author having the same EndNote library.

When you recieve an MS Word document that has been created with EndNote citations you can export the “traveling library” from Word into a new or existing EndNote library on your own computer by following these steps:

  1. Open your document in Word. Go to the EndNote X7 tab.
  2. Select Export to EndNote and Export Traveling Library.
  3. Select the EndNote library you would like to export your references to.
  4. After exporting, select Update Citations and Bibliography. This will reconnect your EndNote Library to your Word document, and ensure that your newly downloaded citations are linked correctly.  

 (Tip: You can only export citations that were entered using EndNote.)

Sync and Share

With EndNote X7, EndNote will sync all of the references and groups from ONE primary Desktop Library to a cloud backup as EndNote Online. Please note that all of the references in your online library will be synced to the desktop and all of the references from the desktop will be synced to your online account. After syncing, all changes you make to your online or desktop accounts will appear in every other synced library. If you delete a reference in one library, it will be deleted in all synced libraries.

To sync, open your Desktop EndNote library.  To avoid duplicates, you may want to start with an empty library unless you want to mix your online references with your desktop library references. Click the blue and white sync button, fill in the e-mail address and password for your EndNote Online account. Select OK.  If you do not have an EndNote Online account, you will be prompted to create one.

EndNote on the desktop connects to the online account and copies all of your online references to your desktop library and all of your references from the desktop to your online library. This may take a few minutes depending on the size of your library. All of your groups should be synced as well.

Once you have synced your Desktop Library to EndNote Online, you can then SHARE your Library or a specific Group of references to other EndNote Desktop users.


Video tutorial on sync

Video tutorial on share


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