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This table is organized to provide guidance on effective texts for medical students.  These texts are not only helpful for years 1 and 2, but they can be used for years 3 and 4, residency, and clinical practice.  The first column is for students that do not typically use many textbooks, the second column is for those that use a moderate amount of textbooks (this should be combined with the first column), and the third column is for those that are heavy textbook users (this should be combined with the first and second columns).  Color coding is as follows:

Red = Essential Step 1 Materials

Blue = Expanded Review Books (Helpful for Step 1 and topic overview)

Gold = Foundational Texts (Comprehensive texts that cover anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and pathology.  These four texts could form a mini medical library.)

Black = Course Textbooks (These match with courses at Wake Forest and are helpful for in-depth coverage of specific topics.)

Almost all of the gold and black textbooks can be accessed for free through the Wake Forest Carpenter Library.

Minimal Textbook Use

Moderate Textbook Use

Heavy Textbook Use

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