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Clinical Research Management Program: Program Overview

Clinical Research Management Program

Clinical research management is a vast and expanding field that involves the processes by which products (drugs, devices, biologics) and treatment protocols are developed to improve patient care. Clinical research management continues to evolve into a more global and complex set of integrated research and business processes. This online Masters of Clinical Research Management (CRM) program will provide participants with state-of-the-art information on clinical, regulatory and business requirements in the development of new therapeutics and conduct of clinical trials. Designed for working clinical research professionals, or those in a related field, this degree program expands participants’ knowledge of drug and medical device development, clinical trial conduct, monitoring, and the business, ethical and legal perspectives of the clinical research industry.
The Masters of Clinical Research Management (CRM) online program will be an accelerated, intense course of study focused on leading transformative change in the clinical research industry as well as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) supported clinical research environment. The program’s faculty and participants will have deep experience in the clinical research industry and will be fully engaged in addressing the gaps and constraints of the current clinical research system as we loo at our systems and others around the globe. The material will be tailored to this industry for current and future leaders. This program will provide a range of learning experiences that add up to a powerful transformative experience.

Clinical research management includes studies in the following areas:
1. Scientific Concepts and Research Design
2. Ethical and Participant Safety Consideration
3. Medicines Development and Regulation
4. Clinical Trials Operations (GCPs)
5. Study and Site Management
6. Data Management and Informatics
7. Leadership and Professionalism
8. Communication and Teamwork

A minimum requirement of 20 months of part-time online work will be needed for the master’s degree. Students will learn to explore the commercial and ethical dimensions of medical innovation and be prepared to lead in clinical research while earning 35 credit hours.

The program will culminate with the Capstone Experience in which students will complete an independent or group project that spans the duration of the CRM program. We ask each participant to identify a critical challenge related to healthcare while applying to the CRM program and confirm the selection early in their coursework. The challenge could relate to his/her organization or to a personal interest. Throughout the CRM, each student will work collaboratively with a variety of people including their CRM peers, professional colleagues, course faculty, advisors, and chairs, integrating various perspectives across healthcare sectors to develop possible solutions to his/her challenge.
Participants draw upon knowledge and skills from their coursework with an emphasis on collaborating across healthcare sectors, considering strategic and ethical implications, communicating effectively and developing feasible, viable, and transformative solutions.

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