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Nurse Anesthesia Program: Textbooks

required and/or recommended textbooks used within the Wake Forest Baptist Health's Nurse Anesthesia Program.

Required and Recommended Textbooks for Year One

These textbooks are ones required or recommended by your faculty. Textbooks with hyperlinked titles will take you to the online full text. Print only titles will have the call number hyperlinked taking you to the online catalog where you can check to see if it is available.  

For additional resources check the Carpenter Library's catalog 

ANES 701 Physics and Mechanics of Anesthesia Delivery Systems

ANES 702 Basic Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice

ANES 710 Neuropathophysiology of Nurse Anesthesia

ANES 703 Advanced Health Assessment for Nurse Anesthesia

ANES 736 Analysis of Research in Healthcare

ANES 739 & 740

ANES 734 Applied Theory for Nurse Anesthesia Practice

ANES 752 Basic Pharmacology and Biochemistry of Nurse Anesthesia

Recommended Resources

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