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Microsoft Windows 10: Getting Started

Getting started with Windows 10

Getting Started Topics

Pin It!

Three ways to “Pin” something used often:

  1. Right-click, pin to Start
  2. Right-click, pin to Taskbar
  3. Drag icon to desktop



Desktop View

Windows 10 desktop has a new look!

Start Menu

To open Start Menu -- click on Start    (windows icon -lower left ) on monitor or on keyboard.


Power Options

  To shutdown your computer -
  Start |  Power 



(or right click on
Start | Shut down or Sign out  | Signout/ Sleep/ Shutdown/ Restart  )


Sleep - reduces power consumption without
              ​ exiting Windows 10 & closing apps.

Shut down - exits Windows 10 and closes all
                       open applications.

Restart - shuts down computer and then
                ​ turns it back on again.

Per Medical Center Use Agreement -
Use -- Restart --when leaving for the day.​​



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