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Artificial Intelligence in Biomedicine: AI in Medicine Learning Resources

Opportunities in AI Research

Wake Forest University School of Medicine AI Research PubMed Feed

Automatically updated RSS feed of artificial intelligence research published by WFUSOM authors and indexed in PubMed - most recent article listed first. Click "Website" below to view search inside PubMed.

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How Can AI Be Used in Medicine?

Circle in the middle labeled "Emerging uses of AI for health" with arrows pointing out to other circles labeled Drug Development, Outbreak Prediction, Electronic Health Records, Cancer Research, NCDs, Tuberculosis, Traditional Medicine, Personalized Healthcare Plans, Health Monitoring and Wearables, Virtual Health and Care, Genomics, AI-Robot Assisted Surgery, Mental Health, and Climate Change.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, including in medicine and research.  Review the World Health Organization's landing page on AI For Health for information on how AI is being used in medicine, as well as guidelines, regulations, and evidence on using AI safely, fairly, and effectively.

What Do the Experts Say?

 Review the collection of videos above to hear real use cases of AI in medicine and keep up with more research on AI from JAMA's dedicated AI Channel.

Other Resources

QxMD is an easy way for busy researchers to stay up-to-date with their research topics by following topics and collections in their personalized reader. An example collection appears below; follow the links to set up your own QxMD.

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