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NIH Public Access Compliance: Steps of Submitting

Step 1: Prepare the manuscript

  • Review the journal's Instructions to Authors for any specific information or instructions related to the NIH Public Access Policy.
  • Designate someone (PI, author, staff member) to ensure that the manuscript moves along in the process to deposit in PubMed Central.  Ultimately, the PI is responsible.
  • If you are an author but not the PI, notify PI that you are working on a manuscript so s/he can plan to follow its progress.  
  • Register for a My NCBI account
  • Link to eRA Commons account: Sign in to your NCBI account and click on your username that displays at the top right of the browser page. This will take you to your account settings page. The "Linked Account" section will display a list of accounts currently linked to your NCBI account. To add a new linked account, click on the "Change" button in the Linked Account section. Choose the account type you wish to link from the "Login Account Options" table and enter your credentials on the sign in page for that resource. 

Step 2: Establish agreement with publisher

Step 3: Submit & monitor manuscript

Step 4: Use PMCID number

Publisher Policies on NIH Public Access Compliance Policy

Below are links to publisher policies and contacts. More publishers may be found here.

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