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Open Access Publishing : OA Publishing Opportunities at WFSM

BMJ Case Report Fellowship

WFSM has an institutional fellowship with BMJ Case Reports, which offers publishing assistance to our faculty, staff and students in the journal.  

  • Submit as many case reports as they like
  • Enjoy fast, supportive peer review and rapid publication
  • Gain international recognition and publicity for their cases
  • Search and browse thousands of published case reports from all over the globe
  • Learn from common and rare real-world clinical scenarios
  • Reuse material personally and for teaching
  • Rate cases, and comment on cases through letters and blogs

Click here for more information about submitting a manuscript to BMJ Case Reports. 


Wake Forest University libraries holds a read and publish agreement with Cambridge University Press to support Open Access publishing. Cambridge is offering members of our institution an opportunity to publish Open Access articles in gold and hybrid journals. WFU and WFSM authors may publish Gold OA articles at no cost, or at a discounted article processing charge (APC).To find out if you're eligible, please use the new checker tool

To be eligible, articles must:

How to publish Open Access under this agreement:

1. Choose your journal on Cambridge Core

  • Find the journal that best fits your work on Cambridge Core.
  • Publishing OA under this agreement is only available in journals listed above.

2. Submit your research

  • Follow the instructions on your journal’s homepage to submit your research.
  • Ensure you use your institutional affiliation (ideally using an ORCID iD). Eligibility is based on the corresponding author’s affiliation as it is printed on the article; this affiliation should reflect where the research was mostly conducted.

3. Complete your OA publishing agreement

4. Coordinate your APC transaction 

  • Our service provider Rightslink will then contact you to coordinate your APC transaction. To take advantage of this agreement, you must seek funding from your institution, following the instructions in our Guide to Paying an APC.
  • Affiliated corresponding authors are eligible to have their APC fully covered. Your institution has pre-paid for OA publishing as part of this agreement. Seeking funding will not impose any additional cost on your library, however final approval for OA funding may be determined by your library. 

5. Publication


Coy C. Carpenter Library of Wake Forest University School of Medicine has formed an institutional membership agreement for open access publishing with Frontiers. 

This institutional agreement means that eligible Wake Forest University School of Medicine authors will be able to publish in any Frontiers journal with a 15% discount. 

The Coy C. Carpenter library of Wake Forest University School of Medicine supports its researchers in making their research more widely available. This agreement will further encourage Wake Forest University School of Medicine researchers to publish open access, increasing the volume of research openly available. While this reduces costs for the researcher, it also benefits the wider research community and the public at large.  

Information for authors:
If a Wake Forest University School of Medicine-affiliated corresponding author submits their manuscript with a institutional email address domain, the discount will be automatically applied IF the article is accepted for publication. If submission is done with another email domain, but Wake Forest University School of Medicine is indicated as the affiliation, Frontiers will verify eligibility for the discount with Coy C. Carpenter Library. The author will receive an email after submisstion about discount details and applicability.

For information on whether your article is eligible under this agreement, please visit our membership page or contact the Scholarly Communications Librarian, Dianne Johnson.

Frontiers HomepageFrontiers A-Z Journal List | About Frontiers 

Future Science/Medicine

"Future Medicine, an imprint of Future Science Group, addresses information needs in clinical and translational medicine and the biosciences. Taking a concise and forward-looking perspective of the developments in modern healthcare, our journals and eBooks span the scientific, clinical, economic and policy issues that confront us today."


WFSM holds an agreement with Future Science Group for publishing open access in hybrid and fully open access journals at no cost to the author. Also, as a part of this agreement, Carpenter Library subscribes to the complete collection of Future Science journals. Subscription and publication charges are rolled into one cost covered by Carpenter Library.

The read and publish agreement allows you to use only the corresponding authors' primary affiliation. The agreement does not apply to Drug Evaluation article types, or articles sponsored or funded by pharma/biotech. Authors should provide the journal editor with details of their affiliation with Wake Forest School of Medicine when submitting their article. All articles are subject to a standard peer-review process and will be accepted or rejected based on their own merit.

To find out what journal options are available, see the table of information here.

What does this mean for you?
• Your APCs may be covered if you or one of your co-authors are a member of WFSM
• You should note that extras are not included – if you wish to use any of the optional extras such as accelerated publication or color printing, please make sure you factor these costs in separately 
• You have institutional access to the content from all Future Science journals

What should you do?
• Make sure that you and your co-authors are listed with their correct affiliations in the submission system
• Complete an open access form (see below) and upload it either at submission or revision
• Once your manuscript is accepted, the payment system will allow you to check that your institution is listed correctly and remove the open access fee.

Still have questions? Contact Future Science open access helpdesk via email or Carpenter Library. 


WFSM and WFU has a deal with Karger Publishers offering publishing assistance for open access articles.  As a member of the institution, authors are eligible to publish their article OA at no cost to the author when they are accepted for publication in any Karger journal. 

More Information:


Journals published by MDPI are fully open access. The information published in these journals is made freely available to the public. Open access journals are funded and produced using article processing charges (APC). For WFSM the APC is provided by the submitting author. Author's affiliated with WFSM  will receive a 10% discount on the APC. To learn more about MDPI's open access policy, follow this link. MDPI is an organizational acronym used by two related organisations, Molecular Diversity Preservation International and Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute.


Wake Forest School of Medicine is currently a member of the institutional open access program (IOAP). IOAP has the following advantages for the institution and its members:

• Authors affiliated with WFSM will receive a 10% discount on the APC.

• The institution is granted free access to the MDPI submission system and can receive free alerts of new submissions to   MDPI journals.

• Authors will be invoiced directly. *WFSM does not currently have a funding system to support open access publishing. 

Here you can find more information about article processing charges (APC).

Note: When submitting a paper to MDPI's IOAP, the author should use their institutional email account ( as well as choose the corresponding institution (Wake Forest School of Medicine). Then the ten percent discount will be released. 


"SAGE is committed to the global dissemination of research and Open Access is a rapidly evolving, growing key part of that mission. In recent years, SAGE has supported and enabled the increasing transition to Open Access publishing. Initially through offsetting agreements and providing hybrid Open Access publishing in traditional journals, in recent years this has grown to support full national-scale agreements in several European countries, with some beginning in 2020. We are also piloting new experimental models like the arrangement we have entered into with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2020. Click here more information about SAGE’s Open Access Agreements."

SAGE today publishes more than 200 fully gold open access journals

Wake Forest University libraries have an agreement with SAGE Publishing to support Open Access publishing. Under the agreement, SAGE is offering a 10% discount on APC cost to WFSM faculty if they are the corresponding author for accepted publication in a SAGE gold OA journal. Note: SAGE offers a range of discounts based on other criteria and the highest discount will be applied.(e.g. Reviewer= 20% Discount)


WFSM affiliated authors may publish open access in any of Wiley's hybrid journals at no cost to the author. This includes subscription-based journals which offer an open access option. 

To be eligible:

Publish in any of Wiley's hybrid journals and follow the instructions

Go to the Wiley Author Services Dashboard now, to select open access for your article or contact the library with questions

Use the Journal Explorer Tool to compare journals by scope, Impact Factor, and open access policy, to find the right journal for your research. 

More Info on WFSM Open Access Agreement

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