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Data Management sessions presented to cover strategies for using Microsoft Excel.


Data Management Series

The date contained the the following pages was presented as a graduate level capstone project. The object of the training sessions was to present  training using technology and adult learning styles to present a learning environment.

Each class was presented as live webinars to provide Microsoft Excel Training.
Each participant was required to use their own computer, own site, were required to have Excel 2016 program.  No computers or software was provided. The instructional unit on Microsoft Excel workbooks was taught in five days (1.5 -2 hours sessions) on non-consecutive days, over a two and a half week period. Lessons were presented each day with a 30 minute block for review, follow-up,and a question session.

The lesson topics will consist of:

 Introduction to Webinars and get questions asked.  No instruction, other than the webinar info, will be provided during this session.  Not required, 

✔ Workbook management & design - Student will learn the basics of a workbook and discover how to effectively edit and manage worksheet elements.    (Format & presentation ~1.5 hours) 

Data management – Raw data will be processed using data management strategies to get the best results (Sort/Filter/Conditional Format ~1.5)

Visualization with charts - Visualization elements will be introduced to turn data into visual elements.
    (Charts ~1.5)

Data Analytics - Data will be analyzed using formulas and functions.   (Formulas ~1.5)

✔ Dynamic Data Analysis - Data will be analyzed with tables & made interactive by developing data into pivot tables. (Pivot Tables ~2.0) 


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