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Data Management: 1 Design

Data Management sessions presented to cover strategies for using Microsoft Excel.

Intro to Excel Workbooks & Worksheets

Nov. 4   Be sure to upload both exercise files below to use during class session. 

Lesson 1:  Workbook management & design.  (2 hours)  (Format & presentation)

 Learn the basics that make up a workbook project.  Discover best practices to develop a book that works for every project.  This class will cover how to managed worksheets by inserting, renaming, moving or deleting a sheet, followed by modifying the sheet internally by inserting, removing, and adjusting columns and rows.  

 Discover how to create new worksheets and how to format the data within each worksheet.  This lesson explains how to format and edit the data inside a worksheet. Topics covered include How to add text, Edit that text with color/borders/alignment, Auto fill, Format painter, and the Clear button.   The save options will be explored and explained.


Webinar Recording:


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