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Data Management: 2 Manage

Data Management sessions presented to cover strategies for using Microsoft Excel.

Data Managment

Nov. 7 Be sure to upload the exercise files below to use during class session.

Lesson 2:  Data Management.  (1.5 hours) (Data Sort, Filter, Conditional Format)

 Learn how to manipulate data reports to get the best results.  This lesson covers best practices when managing data, applying validation, and the different data views.  Topics include Sort, Filter, Delimit, Flash fill, Drop lists, Conditional format, Page breaks or views, and Find-Replace.


video was uploaded unedited....skip to minute 31 to begin lesson

Webinar link:


Live Webinar classes will be held on Monday and Thursdays from 1-3pm.  Instruction will take about an hour followed by a review and questions session.(2pm-3pm as needed)

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