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EndNote: Installation

Getting EndNote

The Medical Center offers a free site license copy of the current desktop version of EndNote  to all faculty, staff and students for installation on medical center computers or on personal (including home) computers. 

To get a copy pushed to your Medical Center computer: 

  1. Click here to Install EndNote from the Intranet Service Desk. 
  2.  Type in your credentials to authenticate.

  3. Complete the form.  Be sure you are connected to the network and that you have your computer name (HostName from the “Who Am I? button on your desktop). 

  4. Click the Order Now button on the right side of the screen.

  5. If you have a MAC, the Service Desk may contact you to send a technician to help with the installation.   For a Windows machine, EndNote will install automatically.

To download EndNote to your own personal computer:  

You must be a Wake Forest Med Center faculty, staff or student

  1. Be sure all Office programs are closed (Outlook, Word, etc.)
  2. Download the ZIP file that matches your device type. Note, clicking on the link will automatically download the file to your browser’s default download folder.
    1. PC Users:  EndNote X9_PC_Installer *
    2. MAC Users:  EndNote X9_Mac_Installer *
  3. Go to the folder where the desired ZIP file was downloaded, then extract the ZIP file
  4. From the extracted files, locate and run the appropriate installer file, ENX9Inst.msi (for PC) or EndNoteX9_MAC_Installer.dmg (for MAC)
    1. Make certain the License.dat file stays in the same folder as the installer file
  5. Complete the remaining default steps to finish the EndNote install.

*You will be asked your credentials to authenticate in SharePoint 

QUESTIONS on software installation:  Contact the IT Service Desk at 336-716-4357

QUESTIONS on using EndNote software to publish & manage citations/references or for classes & training: Contact Carpenter Library at 336-716-4414.

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