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Publishing Your Research: Publicizing Your Research

Guide to Getting Published

Publicize Your Research

Once you have published, there are ways to share and promote your research! But first - sometimes it is hard to associate the manuscript with the correct researcher/author. There are ways to disambiguate names and one of them is using a consistent name as an author when you publish. Different biomedical literature databases try to disambiguate names with author-identifiers and search tags.

And listed below are also some tools to help promote and share your research. For questions, email Dianne Johnson.


Check it out!

Distinguish yourself in 3 Easy Steps!

ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized.

1.     REGISTER - Get your unique ORCID identifier. Register now! Registration takes 30 seconds.

2.     ADD YOUR INFO - Enhance your ORCID record with your professional information and link to your other identifiers (such as Scopus or ResearcherID or LinkedIn).

3.     USE YOUR ORCID ID - Include your ORCID identifier on your Webpage, when you submit publications, apply for grants, and in any research workflow to ensure you get credit for your work.


The institution uses open-source software created by Harvard University called Profiles. Programmers in the Clinical Translational Sciences Institute manages the software at Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health/WFUSM. The scholarly communications librarian helps with the publications section in each profile.

While faculty members are ultimately responsible for updating profiles, they can request a delegate. Publications are pulled daily from PubMed but the more one interacts with Profiles, the better the system will recognize the author and pull the correct publications.


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