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Library Policies


Circulation of materials is as follows:

Books: 30 days, renewable an additional 7 days
Journals: Bound: 3 days, renewable an additional 3 days; Unbound: do not check out
Models: circulate within the Library only. Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, Models are NOT circulating.
Charts: 7 days, renewable an additional 7 days. Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, Charts are NOT circulating.
CDs:  7 days, renewable an additional 7 days

The Library does not charge fines for overdue items, but the Library does charge for the replacement of lost item(s). Bills are issued 10 days after the item was scheduled to be returned. The bill will be for the replacement cost of the item. Upon the return of materials the $25.00 service charge and the replacement charge are dropped and the patron’s record is cleared.  When a patron notices a discrepancy regarding a returned item for which the patron has been billed, the staff will check the records and search the shelves for one month. If the item is not found, financial restitution remains the responsibility of the user. Library borrowing privileges will be revoked if the patron fails to comply with these borrowing guidelines and payment of replacement costs. For more information about circulation policies please call 336-716-4414.

Lost/Damaged Book Replacement Policy

The library’s lost/damaged book replacement policy is as follows:

1. Patrons may pay the replacement cost of the book. The processing fees will be waived. The replacement fees can be paid using debit/credit ONLY at the Carpenter Library circulation desk.


2.  Patrons may purchase a gently used or new copy of the book to replace the lost/damaged copy. The replacement copy must be free of any damage and writing/markings. Also, it must be the same exact title, edition, and ISBN. In rare cases, the book may be out of print or not available for sale. In this instance, the patron may replace it with a newer edition.

Note: Replacement copies will be accepted at both the BGCME Resource Center and Carpenter Library. Payments will ONLY be accepted at the Carpenter branch.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Brandy Hardy- bcwatt@wakehealth.edu. 

IPad Policy

Please Note: These are 1st Generation iPads that cannot be upgraded. Many newer applications are not compatible, and Citrix is no longer downloadable.


Who May Borrow an iPad

Medical Center faculty, students and staff.
The iPad is not available for non-WFBMC users.


The iPad must be checked out at the Main Desk.   
 The iPad must be returned to the Main Desk.   


The iPad is available on a first-come, first served basis - see the Library Catalog for current availability or call the desk at 336-716-4414.   
The iPad check-out is 7 days with NO renewals.

Due to the limited number of iPads on hand, we cannot guarantee an iPad will be available when requested.  There is a 24- hour turnaround time for maintenance on returned iPads to reload the content.

Using the iPad

iPad User Guide is on the web at help.apple.com/ipad, or download free in iBooks

Network – the iPad needs a network connection for most apps. It is easiest to open the Safari browser and connect to the Guest Network (Accept TWICE) any time you are on campus. For other networks (such as at home), you may need a password. To connect to the WFBMC production network and/or to use the Citrix portal app, you’ll need setup help from IS or Telecommunications, with password protection.

The iPads are preloaded with a suite of sample files and applications. Users will need to use their own personal iTunes account to install new apps.  

All data will be wiped off and replaced with the standard preloaded files and apps when the iPad is returned.

IMPORTANT – To delete your personal information before returning to the Library:

Erase all content and settings: Choose General > Reset, then tap “Erase All Content and Settings.” This resets all settings to their original values and erases all your information and media.

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