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Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery: Turnaround Time

Document delivery request turnaround time

  • We are working remotely currently, and our staff comes into the library once or twice a week, so copies of print materials from our collection may take a few days. We will endeavor to copy and send them to you as quickly as we can. Please note that the library is in the process of discarding our print journal collection, but we will order articles for you through interlibrary loan if a volume you need has been discarded.
  • Interlibrary loan turnaround time varies, but we are able to fill up to 80% of our article requests within 2 working days. The remaining 20% may take a week or longer, especially if the titles are difficult to locate.  Many library staffs are working from home, so getting copies from physical journals and books can be  challenging, but we can usually find a lender. Books from non-WFU libraries generally take at a minimum two weeks to arrive (and often longer), depending on the availability of the title and the type of mail service used by the lending library.  We process your requests very quickly after they are received, but we have no control over how quickly lending libraries act on our requests.
  • Current-year textbooks and review books may not be available for interlibrary loan, as they are usually in high demand in their home libraries. 
  • Please be sure you have the time to wait for interlibrary loans to arrive before submitting your requests.  Mail delays have increased transit times in the last two years, but we will be glad to give you an update on the status of your request at any time. Interlibrary book loans are expensive for us, so please only request materials you really need and then pick them up promptly after arrival.

*Requests for large numbers of articles will be processed as quickly as possible but may not be filled the same day.

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